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football trading academy reviewYou’ll find the best best online casino australia here, you have time to get it! I have had a few requests for a Football Trading Academy Review and after being a member for a few months I am now in a good position to offer a worthy opinion.

As many of you know, I normally focus on pay by mobile casino sites but you can never be caught standing still in the world of investing and Football Trading is something I have been devoting a lot of my time too recently. I am still getting to grips with it and so when I was told about the Football Trading Academy I decided it would be worth a go, especially when you consider the very low and generous cost.

After Sign Up…

As soon as I signed up I was given my login details via email and access to the members area which is really superbly and professionally presented. You can immediately have a look at Systems A & B which are very simple and easy to get hold of. They are presented in an easy to read style and System A is probably one of the best football trading methods I have come across.

The manager’s name is  Richard (my namesake) and he regularly updates the members board every day with the daily selections. I have no idea what time this guy wakes up but I have been up at even 7am and seen the board updated already so its good to know he is putting in the effort for the members.

Probably, the best part of the service isn’t even the system or the selections but the newsletter course. These are very inspiring and although I am quite experienced in the areas they cover I still enjoyed reading and learned a few nuggets of info from them. Immediately upon sign up you get issues 1 & 2 delivered to you and then you get a new copy every 2 weeks from there. So its quite an educational experience that you are getting which is refreshing as most services will simply give you the picks and that’s it. With this, you at least feel like you are taking something out of it as you go along.

Also, I haven’t even mentioned the members forum which is incredibly useful. I haven’t ever spoken on it but I do find myself regularly reading the threads and some of the guys are making a killing with their own tips too. I am also interested in pre-match trading and there are a couple of pros in the forum who are trading the markets all day long and sharing their gems of insight.

The Results?

So we have spoken about the educational side of the service which is easily worth the sign up fee alone but I guess it would be good if the advice was profitable too? The good news is that is so far!

I have been following all the selections as part of my own proofing and my bank that has been set aside for these systems has been growing. I have been compounding my bank and its grown by 50% since sign up.

The results are quite streaky which is nothing to be concerned about and is quite natural as its only the end long term result that matters. I hope I am not breaking any rules by linking to the spreadsheet of results that was put on the members board recently but if you want to look then here they are for System A & System B.

I genuinely cant find much at fault with the service as its a complete bargain for the low subs price. I have joined services for more then £50+ per month that don’t offer much apart from an email with the picks so to get so much for one low fee is very refreshing The fact that the picks and advice are profitable is the icing on the cake.


I need to try and find some cons otherwise this review will look a bit biased so here goes…

Trading, in general, just isn’t for everyone. You have to be active and around a computer for up to 90 minutes a time or longer depending on how many trades there are. Then you might not get matched in all the selections so it might feel like a bit of a waste of time but then again, its better then going to work for your living?

It would have also been better if the picks were sent to me via email rather then having to login to get the selections. However, the reason for this is explained as the vendor states its simply because emails can be unreliable and can get lost which is something I do concur with.

Also, maybe a trading chat room would be good too but I guess for the low price subscription that might be pushing things a bit too far?


I can thoroughly recommend the Football Trading Academy especially if you are quite new to trading football. You will learn A LOT really quickly and you will be better for the experience. I have seen many football trading strategies and in my view System A is easily one of the best I have seen due to its effectiveness and also its simplicity.

You are able to cancel at anytime if you don’t enjoy it so its definitely worth checking out for a month at least in my view.

You can view the FTA Site here!

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Apr 21, 2012 by jon

joined up after reading your review and really pleased with it. Some great content in there and the systems are pretty solid too. Thanks

Apr 20, 2012 by gavin

I too joined after reading what you said and I am impressed with it. The site is really good and I have learned more in 3 days about football trading then i learned in the past 3 months. Its all really inspiring too.

Apr 12, 2012 by Max

I think this site is great and I am happy with my membership. its a steal compared to some other websites out there. finally been making money too!

5.0 5.0 3 3 joined up after reading your review and really pleased with it. Some great content in there and the systems are pretty solid too. Thanks Football Trading Academy Review

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