Total Football Trading Review: Indepth

total football trading reviewYou’ll find the best best online casino australia here, you have time to get it! I was pleased to come across Total Football Trading as I have been looking around for football trading strategies for a long time now. Within recent years, I have been doing less straight betting and more football trading and I think this is the future of gambling. The only problem was that I didn’t have that many good strategies apart from the obvious lay the draw ones.

The package includes four trading books and ten strategies which is a pretty good deal in this current climate, just as long as the books and strategies were actually good obviously.

My Experience

I emailed play now pay later casino to ask for a review copy and they said it wasn’t possible. This isn’t a problem and I still went ahead and bought it so I could have a look and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

As soon as I paid, I was sent my login details for their members area and I was in within seconds. From there you can access the four trading manuals along with some cool bonuses too.  The bonus books aren’t related to trading but are about money and mentality. I thought this was a nice touch and shows that it isn’t just about the strategies but also about the psychology of it all too.

I opened the four books and spent a good few hours reading them and experimenting. The first book is packed with some pretty good trading advice. Not much was new to me since I have been doing this for years but if you are new to all of this then this might be the most important part of the package.

The strategies are included in the three other books and are all pretty sound too. The first strategy book shows you how to trade the pre-match markets. This is something I haven’t seen covered anywhere else and the examples show you exactly what to look for and when to put your money in the market. I managed a practise trade with small stakes following the instructions and it worked fine so I am quite excited about doing more trading before the matches this year. The Power Hour strategy is also really simple, low risk and potentially high reward too.


The first 3 trading strategies are all pre-match and the other 7 are in-play. There is quite a lot to get your teeth into. The Golden and Silver goal methods that are included are really simple and actually really fun to use. You can find many matches that will qualify for the silver goal and I had good fun using it. Perhaps a bit too much fun!

LTD reloaded is simple and obvious and I will certainly be using that in place of the original Lay the draw methods. It is less stressful.

The Bosman Method looks really good from the examples given in the guide. I haven’t found a qualifier yet but judging from the screen shots this is pretty close to a no lose trade.

If I had to point out any negative points about the package, it’s the fact that there isn’t a service to go with it. It would have been nice to get regular emails identifying the qualifiers but with so many strategies in the books I guess this wouldn’t be possible. I did have a question about one of the strategies and my email was answered within the hour which is a good sign too.

In Conclusion:

It’s still early days yet but I am really pleased and also excited about this trading package. There is so many different things to try in there and you will have a lot of good fun using the methods and also making money too.

So I will firmly recommend this trading product for those who want new football trading strategies or those who are new to this whole thing. For a one off fee, you are getting more then good value for money.


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Apr 25, 2012 by Tony B

Gave this 5 stars purely because of the power hour method. Made plenty of money with this one and its easy to get 4 figure stakes in the market and make about £100 profit before the match starts.

Apr 04, 2012 by Marco

Really impressed with this package. Plenty to get your teeth stuck into and had some good results already.

Mar 23, 2012 by Michael O

some very powerful methods in this. I love the thinking behind the bosman and its the one I use the most alongside the silver goals strategy too. Made good money with both for the season.

Mar 03, 2012 by Leon

All the methods are pretty handy in my view. I like to use a combination over a match. So I might use the underdog method, then the LTD reloaded and then maybe golden goal and I always eventually come out on top. The odd match goes against you but thats the way of life.

Feb 23, 2012 by Daryl Connor

Like you I was looking around for some good ways to trade football and have been very pleased with this package. Some good ideas in there to work with and all just as good as the other.

Jan 10, 2012 by Tam

probably one of the best packages of its type that i have bought. very detailed and easy to understand, great for a newbie like myself to learn the ropes.

4.8 5.0 6 6 Gave this 5 stars purely because of the power hour method. Made plenty of money with this one and its easy to get 4 figure stakes in the market and make about £100 profit before t Total Football Trading Review: Indepth

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