Football Betting Code Review: Does it work?

Football Betting Code ReviewYou’ll find the best best online casino australia here, you have time to get it! I am obviously constantly on the look out for new football betting systems that work so I can extend my portfolio and bring in extra cash. You simply never know when one of the systems you already use will lose its edge so its important to stay ahead of the game. The football betting code is one that I have decided to check out and its been showing some promising signs.


Firstly I must point out that the football betting code is not a system but a mobile casino pay by mobile. You pay a mere small fee and get access to their emails outlining the bets for up to 6 months which really is a deal which sounds too good to be true! I had my doubts and thought there must be some trick but for such a small amount of money I simply had to sign up to see how there bets went.

I tracked the bets over the past month and after a stuttering start they managed to turn a decent profit of +12 units on my betting bank. That is not to be sniffed at and it will be interesting to see if this was just a lucky run by the football betting code or if these guys really know what they are doing in the long run.

Remember it really is all about the long run with these things however for the small cost of joining it simply wont hurt to join and just make note of the bets they do to see if a profit is turned eventually before trying it with small stakes. I have now seen it with my own eyes so I wont hesitate to follow the bets with small stakes for the next month at least.

The best thing is that no work is required on your part, you just get the email and place the bets!


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